Introduction 公司简介

J&J professionals Pty Ltd. was founded in 2013 as a result of a restructuring of an existing business – CP&Co International Sydney Office which was established in 1997. The services provided by CP were education, migration, taxation and translation services for Australian onshore clients. Due to the huge and increasing demand of education service from overseas students wanting to continue their studies in Australia, J&J Professionals Pty Ltd. was formed to amalgamate the business in order to expand the whole operation as one-stop-shop for onshore and offshore clients requiring professional education and migration services.


Mission Statement 企业信条

Expert in Education and Migration Services – A commitment to excellent service to enhance the successful outcome of our clients’ cases and to be rewarded with the loyalty and appreciation of the effort & commitment.

力争上游,提供最专业的留学移民服务 — 致力于不断提高签证成功率,视客户满意度为最好回报。

Company Objectives 公司目标

1. To provide a one-stop-shop and valuable assistance of related services for our clients—education, migration services 向客户提供高效有价值的一站式留学移民服务和帮助
2. To render all services with high standard of quality and value, at the same time, cost effective 提供高性价比的服务,最好的服务,最公道的价格
3. To maintain the highest level of integrity, professionalism and individual commitment as an integral feature of the whole operation 共创严谨,团结,高效,专业的企业文化,珍视每个员工的价值